5 reasons to Attend a Community College in the United States

April 20, 2017 in Getting Started

As much as I loved attending four years at a university during my undergraduate studies in the United States, I am an advocate for Community Colleges as an affordable option to achieve a university degree in the United States.

For a detailed explanation about community colleges, please check "Types of Higher Education Institutions in the United States".

In this article, I will present to you 5 reasons why community colleges are a great option for international student studying in the United States.

1. Easy transition to American college life

Community colleges are a fantastic entrance point to the complex American higher education system for an international student. Community colleges are the perfect gateway to studying in the US because they have a flexible admission process and small classes.

They’re a great place for you to build a solid pathway to a successful college life in the United States while you improve your English, your grades, and your test scores.

Small classes at the Community Colleges de Spokane in Washington State.

2. Affordability

One of the nine strategies to pay for college in the United States is attending a Community College. That’s because attending a two year institution will help you save money before finishing your degree at a four year institution. Completing your first two years of higher education at community colleges can save you an average of $20,000 to $40,000 USD.

3. Transfer to top universities after completing two years of community college

Many community colleges offer 2+2 programs. These programs allow you to take all the credits you earned during your two years at a community college and transfer them to top universities, thus lowering your overall cost. On top of that, in many cases it can help guarantee your admission to the program of your choice.

4. Outstanding international support services

Even though community colleges are a lot smaller that universities, they still offer great student services. This includes international student services like advising, immigration support, counseling and health services.

Our friends at Community Colleges of Spokane feature a friendly staff and numerous resources for international students, including an Intensive English Program if your English is not college-ready yet.

Community Colleges of Spokane in Washington State and movUni's partner.

5. Get two years on an OPT (Optional Practical Training) work permit

Work permits for F-1 international students in the US are granted based on the completion of a degree. If you graduate from a community college with an Associates degrees, you are able to apply for a 1-year OPT.

After completing this year, you can continue your studies at a university to complete your Bachelor's degree. Once you earn your Bachelor's degree, you are able to apply for a second OPT work permit.

As you can see, Community Colleges offer tremendous opportunities for international students who are looking to complete their degrees in the United States.

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